Why a Summer Solstice Wedding is the Most Romantic Time to say 'I Do'

The solstice is a sacred celebration that dates back centuries. It’s also a rose by many other names including midsummer, first day of summer or St. John’s Day. But no matter how you call it, the solstice is a starry-eyed time of year that’s synonymously linked with love and marriage.
summer wedding
For instance, when arguably the most famous writer of all time muses about a season, you know it’s bound to be romantic. In his famed production A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare penned that, “Love can transpose to form and dignity. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
If that isn’t the perfect wedding vow inspo, we don’t know what is.
Let’s explore some of the other ways your love is inherently and cosmically supported by a summer solstice wedding.

Fire Walk With Me

Fire is an important part of solstice tradition. Making the leap over a bonfire or small collection of embers is perhaps the best-known ritual. Elementally, fire is said to have purification powers. Making the jump over one during midsummer is thought to guarantee marriage in the carnival season to follow.
Unwed maidens also looked to the power of the bonfire, operating under the belief that in doing so they would find out about their future husbands.

Solstice Wedding Practices

Scandinavians are huge on celebrating the solstice. Each country’s practice of choice varies slightly. For example, in Norway, it’s customary to arrange mock marriages. Each one is representative and symbolic of new life.
Young girls also don ethereal flower crowns then sleep with the blossoms under their pillow. In doing so, they’re calling in a new romance and wishing for true love to enter their lives.


Pagans first coined the term “Honey Moon”. It’s a rather literal part of summer solstice wedding celebrations, involving a toast of fermented honey otherwise known as mead. During the midsummer lunation it was thought to be especially potent for sealing and blessing love matches.

Origin of June Weddings

Ever wonder why June is thought to be such a lucky month to wed? It dates back to St. John’s Day celebrations centuries ago when Druids spoke of the solstice as the ‘marriage of day and night’. It has had such a stronghold; June still reigns supreme as the ultimate wedding month.
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