How About the 2022 Engagement Ring Designs We Love.

Wedding Ring
Whether you’re shopping for engagement rings online or looking for the best place to buy an engagement ring in Houston, it’s important that you already have a general idea about the design of the ring you will end up buying. Solitaire engagement rings are timeless, but if you’re looking for a ring that is less traditional and more of a reflection of you, then check out these latest trends in engagement rings.

Gender-Neutral Designs

Because jewelry is meant for everyone, more and more brands are offering inclusive and gender-fluid designs, with modern brides preferring bold and chunky rings over dainty and feminine diamond engagement rings for women. Gender-neutral rings aren’t limited to simple plain bands. Since traditional ring designs are off the table, you’ll be able to wear your rings whenever and however you want. You can opt for a minimalist design or choose to pile the bling on. You can shop for a ring with engraved patterns, or choose one with rivets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to genderless rings.

Toi Et Moi

Toi et moi rings have been around since forever, but have seen a resurgence because of recent celebrity engagements. These bands coil around the finger and feature two gemstones nestled side by side to symbolize the union of two people. These serve as the perfect choice if you can’t decide between two stones. Traditionally, the two gemstones featured in a toi et moi ring are similar in size and cut. For example, a classic toi et moi ring will bring you the best of both worlds: the modern vibrancy of a colored gemstone paired with the traditional style of a classic white diamond. But recently, there have been interesting pairings of different shapes and colors, as well as unique designs that will make your toi et moi ring stand out.

Colored Stones

colored stone rings
While diamond engagement rings continue to remain popular, colored gemstones have also soared in popularity. Boldly colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are great if you want a style that really stands out. But if you want just a subtle pop of color, consider gemstones in softer hues such as aquamarine or tourmaline. Here’s also our guide for Steps to Planning Your Dream Wedding right after you pick your engagement rings.