The Best Proposals at Sporting Events

Criteria for a good proposal: one knee, a story for the grandkids, and a ‘yes.’ Criteria for a great proposal: one grand gesture, a huge surprise factor and a ‘yes’ in front of a few hundred of your closest sports fans.
friends proposal Credit: Full Video Here Who could forget the awkward Friends proposal heard round the world? Phoebe ever so sweetly pops the question at a NY Knicks game. However, it quickly ends in boos, jeers and embarrassment when the crowd turns against the lovers for their role-reversal. Barring any missteps or, heaven forbid, a ‘no’ the wildly romantic gesture of proposing in a crowded stadium is likely to be one of the most important moments of your life. However, it could cost you big. Some estimates suggest you may spend up to $2,500 at a big arena like the Dodger Stadium. Other arenas like home of the Toronto Blue Jays or New York Mets don’t allow them at all. If you’re looking to get your courage up, get sentimental with these boldly brave public proposals. Even the thickest of skins are no match for these hopeless romantics.

Bull’s Mascot Gets Down on One Knee

sports game proposal Credit: Full Video Here Some guys wear a freshly pressed three-piece suit before getting down on one knee. Not Shane Zackery! To surprise his Chicago Bulls cheerleader girlfriend, he disguised himself as Benny, the team’s mascot. Using costume to hype up the big reveal is so sly. Watch and join us in a slow clap as he unzips with a ring in hand for soon-to-be fiancé, Ariana Rosado. This creative proposal took a bit of planning to ensure he could readily escape, but all ended with happy tears and an on-camera smooch from the newly engaged couple.

NBA’s First Gay Marriage Proposal

sporting event proposal Credit: Full Video Here The Bull’s must be good luck all around. This past December, the team was also responsible for helping orchestrate the first gay engagement during an NBA game. Try not to tear up as When Chicago-native Jake Conrad proposes to then-boyfriend Michael Holtzman, surrounded by beaming cheerleaders and a roaring stadium of fans. Some media correspondents including Tom Gatto of Sporting News called it a, “potentially groundbreaking moment in sports”. Swoon!

Kim and Kanye Set the Bar

kanye proposal Celebrities—they’re just like us! Except they can afford to rent out an entire baseball stadium, set up a ridiculously cool pyrotechnics display, rent a jumbotron, contract the 90-piece Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and fly them out to California for one night. Or at least that’s what multiplatinum artist Kanye West did. In October 2014, when Blue Ivy was just a twinkle in the power couple’s eye, A-listers Kanye and Kim got engaged at AT&T Park in San Francisco as friends and family cheered them on from the stands.

A Rivalry Engagement

engagement Credit: Full Video Here Be it soccer, football or any sport in between the Army VS Navy games represent some of the most competitive rivalries in college sports. Joey Molacek’s fiancé decided to ease tensions and unify both teams when he came on to surprise her with a marriage proposal during the 2013 women’s soccer match. Not a dry eye on the field!

Romantic Hot Dog Eating Contest

event proposal Credit: Full Video Here Though less traditional than a basketball or soccer game, a hot dog eating contest is no less competitive. Joey Chestnut is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to downing dogs…and getting engaged. In 2014 he arranged the most American proposal possible. He popped the question on the 4th of July at a Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Not only did the future Mrs. Joey Chestnut say ‘yes’ he also won the contest…again. No matter when or where you pop the question, stakes are high. But when it’s a widely public display of love, the pressure can fill an entire arena. We can only imagine that proposals with this level of fanfare inevitably lead to equally elaborate weddings. Exhausted from planning your surprise engagement? Let us coordinate the ceremony! Dallas Palms is a boutique, full-service wedding venue. Essentially that means if you get the ‘yes,’ we’ll do the rest. To learn more about Dallas Palms, our pricing options and other event details, please schedule an appointment with us by emailing or calling 972-416-1416.