Now Trending: Top 2017 Honeymoon Destinations

After the most important day of your life, you’re likely to take the most important trip of your life. But your honeymoon is more than a simple romantic getaway. It’s the only acceptable prescription for high stakes post-wedding stress.
Whether you’re taking a flight directly from your full service wedding venue or waiting to save money during off-season, the first step is to decide where you’re headed. But sometimes the best place to start isn’t a place at all. Begin the decision making process by identifying a few of your top wants. Are the both of you ready to do some maxin’ relaxin’ beachside? Or are the exotic foods of a foreign land all that can hold your attention after months of dieting to get your ideal wedding bod? Maybe your adventurous hearts would prefer to take in the sights while satisfying your curiosity with historical architectural marvels. Whatever you fancy, there’s a spot on the globe to oblige. destination wedding Below are some of the top honeymoon destinations from each continent to appease your wedding wanderlust.

North America: Mexico City, Mexico 

Some are calling it the new, New York. Others simply refer to it as honeymoon central. However you classify it, Mexico City is a hotbed of hip with no shortage of appeal. The art and food scenes are world-renowned and its close proximity to the Riviera Maya gives couples the best of both worlds. After binging on culture, you and your sweetie can take advantage of the surrounding beach resorts. Tulum and Playa del Carmen are both a short jaunt away and can be a nice change of scene when you need a romance boost.

South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina  

What’s not to love about a city aptly coined “Paris of South America”? It overflows with romance and offers a wide swath of entertainment, history and culinary prowess. It’s part urban oasis, part cultural epicenter and fully fabulous. The city is also known for its nightlife, so you and your forever could easily end most nights watching the sun come up together while you dance the Argentine tango back to your hotel. The region is also known for its exceptional wine, and vineyard tours are available with a short day trip outside the city center.

Europe: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Snowbirds and aurora borealis seekers will be all over this Scandinavian charmer. Chill out at Sweden’s first ice hotel, complete with unforgettable views of earth and sky. Thanks to solar panel energy, you can enjoy the ice year-round. However, the Northern Lights only reveal their beauty from March to November. Even if you decide not to slumber in the frozen motel, you have to at least visit the bar for an unforgettable cocktail experience complete with complementary parka.

Africa: Marrakesh, Morocco

morocco From surfing and seafood to shopping and soothsayers, Morocco is a cornucopia of experience. You simply can’t go wrong and there’s so much that’s so right. You can spend an afternoon in the Sahara then ‘rough’ it at a world-class spa or explore Marrakesh’s open-air markets complete with bona fide snake charmers and fortune-tellers. Take a short trek outside the city to explore Fez, a community untouched by time. Or take in the history in the country’s most famous city and Hollywood movie namesake, Casa Blanca.

Asia: Langkawi, Malaysia

If the life of an Islander is most appealing, this collection of 104 of the most pristine beaches, picturesque waters and verdant landscapes will have you reaching for your passport. Meet Langkawi, “The Jewel of Kedah”. Famous for its wildlife tours and tourist-centric food scene, it’s a relatively undiscovered gem that’s sure to relax and romance you to the max. Do a bit of island hopping to experience as much of this tropical paradise as your senses can handle.

Australia: Melborne, Australia

australia This bustling city is a container of varied and unforgettable adventures. Famous for its inherent sense of style, the city boasts a number of impressive architectural structures, quaint alleyway cafes, endless shopping, and hordes of entertainment. If you’re ravenous for restaurants or a sucker for shows, you’ll find your fill here. A drive along the indescribably beautiful Great Ocean Road is also a must.


If you crave a Honeymoon that’s truly off the beaten path, you can’t get more remote than Antarctica. Make sure you have at least two weeks though. Most cruises are roughly ten days, plus the roughly six days it will take you to travel by boat from South America. From there you’ll be free to explore the most untouched terrain on our fair planet. Ultimately, you want to plan a honeymoon that represents who you are as a couple. Wherever you choose to wander, keep one another close. Revel in the knowing that no matter where on earth you go, you’re bound to live and love in your own little world.