Popped the Question? Let’s Pop the Cork!

There’s a very small window between post-proposal bliss and wedding planning stress. Take advantage of this sweet spot by putting together an engagement party while you’re at the height of your excitement.
Dallas Palms, North Texas’ premier full-service wedding venue, is now offering special engagement party packages to help you celebrate stress-free. Each one is as unique as your love, designed with your individual needs in mind.
Need a little help kicking off? Ahead, we’ll help you pop the cork on your engagement party planning.

Purpose of the Party
Facebook likes on your engagement post are nice, but they’re no substitute for a congratulatory hug from your loved ones. The engagement party is a chance for excited friends and family to properly celebrate this first step into your forever.
It’s also an opportunity for both sides of the family to get better acquainted. Over the next several months they’re likely to be spending a lot of time helping you get prepared for your big day. Since this could be the first time the wedding party is all in the same room at the same time, you’ll want to make sure everyone gets properly introduced.
Picking a Host
Traditionally, the parents of the bride are the official hosts. However, more and more couples are choosing to foot the bill themselves. Close friends or extended family may also offer to host, just be mindful that whoever sends the invites is usually also financially responsible.
Party Invitees
If you think about it, the engagement party is an extension of the official wedding. So naturally, most guests invited to your engagement celebration will probably assume they’ll be receiving a wedding invitation, too. Close friends, family, and the wedding party automatically make the cut. For everyone else, best to start talking through your wedding guest list now to avoid hurt feelings down the line.
Venue Selection
Low-key engagement parties like backyard barbeques and dive bar bashes can be a fun way to celebrate, but they may not be right for everyone. Couples looking to set a classy tone for their wedding may want to choose a venue that offers a little more substance. A full-service event venue may even prove to be the best option for stress-free party planning.
It’s one of the reasons Dallas Palms offers curated engagement packages. Each is crafted by your individual needs. When you celebrate in one of our fully staffed grand ballrooms or private gardens, we provide everything you need for an unforgettable engagement announcement.
Menu Planning
No one’s going to stop you from serving a full five-course meal, but really you don’t need much to make it feel special. A few well-planned appetizers and a bit of bubbly go a long way. All our engagement party packages come with snacks and sips included. Simply specify the type of cuisine you’d like to serve, and our in-house catering staff will do the rest.
For a special announcement day that’s as memorable as your engagement itself, let Dallas Palms take care of the details. Call today to begin YOUR  “Happily Ever-After”!