5 New Year’s Eve Surprise Engagement Party Ideas

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We can think of nothing more exciting than starting off the New Year by getting engaged. It’s already an evening of absolute splendor, and perfect for celebrating your ‘yes.’
While it’s true one might be expecting a New Year’s Eve proposal, you can still shock your fiancé with a surprise NYE engagement party! Take note of these five surprise proposal party ideas to win their heart all over again. engagement photos

The Popularity of Holiday Proposals

Proposals are overwhelmingly popular during the last two months of the year. Look a bit closer and it’s easy to see why the holidays provide the ideal backdrop for the soon-to-be betrothed. For starters, it’s a season everyone’s likely to be dressed in their finest threads. No matter how fancy you deck yourself out, it’s easy to pass off as holiday party apparel and therefore unlikely to arouse suspicion. During the holidays, your surroundings are dressed up too! The twinkling lights, chilly snuggle weather, and holiday décor are a romantic way to punctuate the start of your forever. It’s also a season for gathering family and friends, creating the perfect guise for groups. This time of year, folks have time off from work, making it easier to share the news with loved ones in person.

NYE Surprise Engagement Party Ideas

One of the best parts of throwing a New Year’s Eve engagement party is that event venues could be easier and less expensive to book during the off-season. Use the extra funds to create one of these fun engagement party themes:
  1. Winter wonderland. Instruct guests to wear white and have your lover be the only one in color. Frost your drinks to match the atmosphere and douse the party venue in delicate strands of white lights. Want to surprise guests instead? Why not go all the way with a surprise winter wedding?!
  2. Under the sea. There’s no shortage of décor options here. You can even specify a beachwear dress code to take everyone’s mind off the winter chill. After all, you are about to take the plunge. Seems appropriate.
  3.  Sing-along social. When surrounded by family and fateful friends, there’s nothing like a little nostalgia to bring you together. Having a group sing-along with the happy couple’s favorite tunes is an adorable way to mix the old with the New Year.
  4. Mad men soiree. There’s something so special about seeing loved ones dressed to the nines in vintage attire. Plus, a mad men themed engagement party is a great excuse to keep traditional cocktails like old fashions and gin fizzes flowing.
  5.  Mad hatter teatime. Planning a classy soon-to-be-the-bride brunch on New Year’s Day is a fantastic way to throw your sweetie off the scent. You could plan for proper high tea, or get a little whimsical with an Alice in Wonderland themed engagement party. Think of the costumes!
Again, though a New Year’s Eve proposal could be hard to keep under wraps, an NYE engagement party is a perfect pretense. Done right, you’ll keep your sweetie surprised until the very last minute when y’all walk into a themed room of your closest family and friends. More good news! Book your winter wedding or surprise engagement party at our full-service event venue between now and February 29, 2018, to receive 15% off our winter special events package! You pick the date and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us for more information about this limited time offer.