Outdoor Weddings at Dallas Plams

Beautiful white linen tents, the sun sparkling down and a picturesque garden as the backdrop. It’s the makings of a stunning and picture-perfect outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are versatile and allow couples to transform their big day into the dream wedding they’ve always imagined, with little need to go over the top with decor. Whether its an intimate and personal gathering in the backyard or a destination wedding to a beach, when it comes to outdoor wedding venues its really about how big you can dream. In today’s pandemic-driven world, an outdoor wedding is also increasingly a go-to for many couples. Outdoor weddings allow guests to safely socially distance while also allowing for a greater number of guests than say an indoor wedding. If you and your partner are thinking of tying the knot this year here are some pros to doing your big day outside and tips on how to bring your big day to life. Pros of an outdoor wedding Versatile Outdoor weddings and outdoor wedding venues are truly as unique as the couples planning their big days. Not only can you pick from a number of different venues but you have the option to play around with the space and imagine it however you please. Planning a backyard shenanigan? Transform it into a ferry light phenomenon. Choosing a vineyard? Class it up with linen tents and classy table decor. Leaning towards a park? Use the flowers as the centrepiece of your big day. The sky really is the limit. Good for a budget Outdoor weddings are a great option for couples on a budget. Especially if you plan to keep the event a low-key and intimate affair, backyards can be a breathtaking yet inexpensive option. Surroundings enhance the look Greenery, flowers, nature all add to the beauty of an outdoor wedding venue without even having to put any effort in. Not to mention the gorgeous natural lighting you and your guests will be afforded for pictures. Comfort for guests The great thing about an outdoor wedding is that it can bring ease to many of your guests, not only because of the Coronavirus, but also because children will have ample space to run around and have space to be children. Tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding PIck the best date If you’re planning to tie the knot this year, and you’re making plans to do it outdoors, chose the months that are best suited to your area. Typically, spring and early fall is the best time to hold weddings outdoors. Be prepared An outdoor wedding means there’s chance for mother nature to make a play. So be sure you have plans to take the party indoors, if need be. Also have a running list of all the things you’ll need to rent for the big day: chairs, tents, tables, bathroom facilities and more. Play with menu Having a backyard wedding means you can play with the menu a little and have fun with it. Be creative and have a BBQ or roast or draw from your surroundings. COVID 19 Tips Although outdoor weddings are a safer option during COVID, be sure to let your guess know of any rules you and your partner are setting. Whether you are comfortable with masks or require your guests to use hand sanitizers or have certain requirements for social distancing, be sure to be upfront and honest with all those attending your special day.