Lilies, Roses or Orchids: a difficult decision. A guide to opt for the right décor for your event

Lilies, roses or orchids; what will be the perfect fit for my event. Are you confused over this and many other décor choices for your upcoming event? Read on and we will guide you to choose the right décor for your event. The heart of every event is the magical décor that makes your event special and mesmerizing. The backdrops, flowers, bouquet’s, lighting everything along with other elements creates an enchanted atmosphere. But this all only works if every element suits your events and is executed properly.Be it your wedding, engagement party, birthday, a shower, graduation party; the right and perfect décor can transform the event into a different world. Every 4 out of 5 weddings are a success because the décor team did so well to create a spellbinding ambiance.What does the décor for an event include?Well, this depends on the type of event. Every occasion has its own demands and requirements.Event décor includes every little detail that makes up the environment. It includes color scheme flower decoration, table designs, lighting, choice of drapes, choice of flowers, centerpieces, stage, furniture, entrance, the seating arrangements, chair and tableware, table runners and the list goes on. Décor helps create the mood for your occasion.Set a budget Before you begin deciding about the decorations you need to set a budget for your event. Then you need to allocate some percentage from the total budget for décor. This will help you plan everything according the amount allocated. You, the planner and event decorator can decide the best suitable options which will enlighten your occasion without burdening the budget.Select a theme Sit with your planner and choose a theme which will most likely suit your celebration. For your kids birthday the theme could be some cartoons, for a wedding it would be something floral and elegant. The choice of theme will help you set a tone for the event. If you can’t think of a theme go online and you will find thousands of ideas. Also, make sure the theme complements your occasion; a car theme for wedding is a big no.List down the goals of the event You need to jot down all the activities that will fold out towards the bigger goal. Be specific and clear about every detail with your decorator. If you want your event to be elegant and memorable, think about things that will help you achieve this. If the event is a business launch, would you want networking over the table? List down similar details and objectives of the event; then work to see if your décor and arrangements are in sync with the goals.Working the venue After you have listed down your goals for the event, the next big and important step is working with the venue. First, you will have to study the venue and then begin working your plan.Look for answers to following questions:
  • What is the current décor like?
  • How is the lighting at the venue?
  • What shape is the venue?
  • What type of ambiance does the venue has?
If you need a lot of clear floor space for dancing, you might set your décor according to that and creating greater visibility. If your venue has huge space you may use large decoration pieces. For a smaller venue avoid using big centerpieces and decorations. According to the requirement of the event, devise a suitable seating plan with staging options. Things you must doWhen decorating or planning the venue, make sure you Stick to the theme – based on the selected theme you must have adopted a color scheme. It is very important that you follow the chosen color scheme otherwise chances are your event might end up looking like a circus clown. This will give your event a decent and an organized look.Don’t ignore the furniture – furniture is as important as the flower arrangements and lighting. Your tables, chairs, stools, sofa, stage are very important to give your event a complete look. With a theme of white and gold, oddly colored furniture would look weird. Small lounge area or custom side-tables will not only transform a venue but will also please the guests. Also emphasize on what goes on the furniture tableware, table runners, seat covers, centerpieces etc.Focus on the lights – lights can light up the mood of the venue. Using spotlights, intricate lamps and chandeliers can change the atmosphere. Make you all your décor are properly lighted. You may make use of different lights to change the atmosphere and lighten the mood of the place.Let’s make it fun and memorableChoosing the right décor for the event is not a difficult task. All you need to do is sit down, relax and create a proper plan. Follow the plan with all the aforementioned essentials and ta-da; a picture perfect memory. Now that you know of all the important elements for a perfect décor for your event, now get down to work and make it a memory of lifetime.