Confused About Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme? Here is All You Need to Know to Find a Suitable Theme for Your Event

Even though internet is flooded with ideas about choosing the perfect but too much information gets confusing. Every third person planning a certain event is usually confused about choosing the right theme that complements the occasion. Every theme looks equally mesmerizing. You may find the lilies and roses both to be perfect for your wedding. The hustle is maddening. Stop worrying, get ready and join us on a journey to help you out in selecting the right theme that matches your style and fulfills your wishes. Considerations to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Theme Clearly State the Objective of Event Start by stating the objective of your event. Is it a corporate event or a personal event? What activities will be part of the event? Finally, what do you want to achieve through the event? Do you want to convey some message, support something, impress someone or want to have fun? Define Your Audience Who are going to be the audience of your event? Will they be relatives, children, friends, business professionals? This will help you in understanding the expectations the guests will have regarding the event. A kid’s birthday party will have children as primary audience and is expected to be fun, enjoyable and colorful. Whereas, a corporate event is more likely to have a professional and elderly theme; depending on type of event. Know Your Venue Before selecting an appropriate theme you should study your venue. There are certain limitations relative to the venue which limits certain themes. For instance, you can’t throw a masquerade at a church. Select a theme which complements your venue otherwise it will make your event weird looking and not fun at all. One way could be choosing a venue that goes with your theme or other way round. Set a Budget How much are you willing to spend on your theme? If you have a particular theme in your mind, how much cost will incur in pulling it off? It is impossible to plan a royal theme with a very low budget. So choose a theme that you can easily pull off without any financial burden and constraint. Include Season and Weather While selecting a theme, make sure you check for weather forecasts. Nobody likes a rainy outdoor event. Rain, windstorm, snow could get in the way of ruining your event. Also keep an eye on the season. If you have chosen a theme which requires a floral arrangement it is advisable to opt for the flowers that are easily available. Consider the Likings of the Guest of Honor If your event revolves around some certain people their likings and dis-likings can help you with the choice of a suitable theme. For a graduation party or a birthday the kid’s preference will be the most suitable theme choice. For a wedding, you and your partner can sit together a choose something with mutual understanding. Your Event Theme Must Include: Décor Well this is the obvious one. A theme without the proper and related décor is not a theme. The color scheme that goes with the chosen theme is important. Décor includes flower arrangements, lighting, furniture, tableware, drapes, backdrop, seating floor space and a lot more. Every event theme will have different requirements. A birthday party theme will have lots of balloons and colors where as a wedding will involve more floral and intricate details. Invitations The themed invitations are a teaser for the guests of the event. For a corporate event theme the invitation could be sent through email. For a car themed birthday party the, the invites could be car shaped. For a graduation party, a graduation hat shaped invites are a good idea. Refreshments Your food can also go along your theme. For instance, a Halloween party theme can have monster or pumpkin cookies. The theme colored cake, muffins, cookies, drinks etc. will add to the mood of event. Serving the food in cutlery customized according to the theme of your event is also a good idea. Themed Entertainment Let’s say your event has a Christmas theme, there could be related games for the kids or some Christmas singing elves to match the celebration. Dressing up with the theme of the event can also be fun. For a frozen themed birthday party, dressing up like frozen cast and conducting activities involving snow would be really fun. Stop Panicking! Take a deep breath. You don’t need to stress. Relax, plan everything out and then get to work. There are number of websites that may inspire you or give you an idea of what theme to choose. Keeping in view the above points choose a theme that most suits your event and spend a fantastic and unforgettable fun time.