The Best Wedding Favors to Give Your Wedding Guests

Wedding favors are traditionally given at a wedding as a way to say thank you to your guests for attending. Wedding favors are also a way to add a personal touch to your wedding day. Sometimes picking the right gift to give your guests can be tricky. If you are trying to be unique, it may seem like everything has already been done. If you are trying to budget, you may not be sure what is most cost effective. We are breaking down 15 of our favorite wedding favors, organized by cost, to help guide you through the decision!

Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas

1. Thank You Cards There is a reason we listed this wedding favor first! Something as simple as a thank you card for each of your guests at their place setting can be the most thoughtful and appreciated favor. It can even include your new address as Mr. & Mrs. You can create your own on Canva and have them printed, or you can buy them off of Etsy. Or, if you are really dedicated, you can hand-write them. As one of the most inexpensive wedding favors, this one is sometimes the most well-received and people leave smiling. 2. Family Recipe Card or Family Dessert This is such a unique and personal favor idea that anyone would love! If there is a specific family recipe either you or your significant other’s family make annually, what better than to give it out to your guests as a memento of your special day. It could also be the recipe for an item you are serving at your wedding! Or, the item itself can be the favor but you post the family recipe on signage nearby. Many people double this as a sweets table, and it is such a good way to ensure your guests have something to take home and enjoy. 3. Package of Seeds Calling all plant lovers! Individual, personalized packets of seeds for your guests to take home and plant later are an excellent favor. It will remind them of your big day every time they look at their growing flower or plant. 4. DIY S’mores Who doesn’t love s’mores?! These packages are easy and inexpensive to put together for your guests to use at the wedding if your venue has a fire pit, or they can take them home as a treat for later! Either way, this favor is delicious. Other variations can be cookies or hot cocoa in a jar. People love edible favors. 5. Dog Treats If you and your future spouse are proud dog parents and want to find a way to incorporate your pups into your big day, you can give out customized bags of dog treats! We love this cute, inexpensive way to honor your fur babies and give your guests’ fur babies some love! You can create customized bags or order them off of Etsy.

Moderately Priced Wedding Favor Ideas

6. Ornaments If you are getting married during the holiday season, a personalized ornament is an excellent gift for your guests to remember your special day for years to come. Perfect for the DIY-Bride. 7. Coffee/Tea If you and your significant other are coffee or tea lovers, this is the perfect favor for you to give out! Pick your favorite coffee or tea and put a small amount into bags or jars that you can get in bulk off of Amazon. Create a cute label or order one off of Etsy and there you go! Another delicious favor option. 8. Local Treat  If your venue is in a town known for something, or if you have many guests traveling for your event, a local treat is the perfect wedding favor! Some ideas we’ve seen are local honey or gourmet popcorn, as well as anything Texas A&M Aggie! (whoop!) Guests will love this whether they are from the town or traveling. 9. Candles Who doesn’t like candles? Candles are a timeless gift that everyone enjoys. You can even order personalized labels with a thank you note on them. An excellent reminder of your wedding day that is also useful for your guests. 10. Dried Floral These adorable dried floral bouquets purchased online give that quintessential rustic feel. For the crafty, DIY Bride, you could even make these yourselves. They are a beautiful reminder of your wedding day that guests can take home, or they can even double as your send off! Have your guests throw the dried flower petals and then keep the personalized magnet on the package.

Luxury or More Expensive Wedding Favor Ideas

11. Weather Appropriate Items Whether it’s a blanket to keep your guest warm during an outdoor winter ceremony or a heart-shaped fan for your guest to use during a warm summer day, these useful items double as a perfect favor for guests to take home with them! Another thing we have seen really set apart a bridesmaids group is CLEAR UMBRELLAS. 12. Scratch-Offs This is such a fun way to give your guests a little take away that could actually be quite big! This is a favor your guests are sure to remember (especially if they win!). 13. Donations One of our favorite new trends is couples that forgo the favors and instead make a donation in lieu of each of their guests to their favorite charity or a cause that is meaningful to them. You can tell your guests of this favor by creating a little note to have at each guest’s place setting. 14. Travel Items  Travel items such as luggage tags or passport books are particularly great favors if you are having a destination wedding or a wedding where the majority of your guests are coming in from out of town. They will love this thoughtful and useful gift! 15. Live Paintings Not only are live paintings of the ceremony a special memento of your wedding day, it could also be one for your guests too! See if the painter can stay for the reception and do paintings or caricatures of your guests that they can take home with them!