The 2022 Wedding Boom is Here: What’s Trending Right Now

According to The New York Times, 2.5 million couples will get married this year — that’s a record high since 1984! Call it the year of the wedding boom. With so many couples exchanging vows, it’s inevitable for new trends to emerge. Here, top event planners and caterers share what they’re seeing right now.

First Gaze Before the Graze

More couples are sharing a special moment to view a “first look” of the venue setup and watch their ideas come to life on the wedding day according to Dallas Palms ,  according to . The “gaze before the graze” moment is similar to the traditional, intimate first look between the bride and groom.

Bridgerton-Style String Trio

Couples are looking to pop culture to help set the mood for their big wedding day. In Netflix’s hit show Bridegerton, the show’s soundtrack features classic string trios/quartets playing modern songs by Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. The official caterer for the Sarasota Art Museum, has noticed the change in music styles since the release of the show to offer a classical music component to spark up the romance.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion; start it off on a lighthearted note with some cocktails and social time before the ceremony! Constellation Culinary Group is seeing more couples incorporating a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, allowing their guests to relax and connect with each other instead of just sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Eco-Conscious Ceremonies

There are environmental benefits to small weddings and elopements, as staggering statistics from Green Bride Guide indicate that about 400 pounds of garbage and over 60 tons of carbon dioxide are the cost of an average wedding. Couples who opt for mini weddings and elopements can still celebrate in a grand way, with a much smaller production that generates less waste. With couples choosing intimate romantic celebrations at Hillsboro Beach Resort, they directly invest in local businesses, while also preserving the beach and large sea turtle population with an eco-conscious elopement.

Experiential Catering With Art-Inspired Food

The consistent theme of art-inspired catering options provides couples with a fully immersive experience to connect with the works around them. This new experiential catering trend is a unique way for art enthusiasts to have classic art pieces be part of their special day as well as present to their guests a fun and innovative menu.The official catering partner for the Museum of Art, is now offering catering menus inspired by famous artists on exhibition within the space. An example of creative catering inspired by world-famous art that can be enjoyed at a wedding at the Museum of Art is attendees can delight in Campbell’s Tomato Soup served with sliced bread in the branded can as an ode to the famous Warhol painting.