Planning A Dream Wedding On A Budget? Here Are 8 Things You Need To Do

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Everyone have their own idea of a dream wedding. For some dream wedding is a small intimate ceremony with a close group of friends, family and relatives. For others a dream wedding is a big affair with a lot of people, huge arrangements, a famous band, an exclusive wedding cake with an expensive wedding dress. Some dream of a wedding at a faraway destination at a splendid location. However, every dream wedding has a budget to follow. All you need to do is to plan everything strategically; keep an eye on finances and most importantly do not panic. There is no use of getting stuck with huge debts for your perfect wedding. This article will guide you on planning your fantasy wedding while staying within your budget bracket. Below are 5 things you need to know. Set realistic wedding budget Being realistic is the most important element for setting a budget. Set an amount and then plan your expenses accordingly. Be sure to set a realistic amount according to your resources. Try not to indulge in getting a loan for your wedding. The new start should bring you happiness rather than stress of paying off loans. 2. Keep eye on finances All through the planning and organizing process keep track of the expenses. Breakdown the budget into smaller heads, allocate certain percentage to each area and if the amount exceeds try to make cuts. Best way to do so is to make a spreadsheet and keep it updated along the way. 3. Prioritize Sit with your partner and prioritize over what is important. List down things cannot be negotiated. Think of the valuable elements which are essential for making your wedding memorable and perfect. Also jot down things over which you and your partner are ready to compromise. 4. Wedding date and venue The best option that will help you save some bucks is opting for a midweek wedding or Sunday. The Saturdays are usually difficult to book as everyone getting married tries to secure a booking and you may end up paying more for reservation. To facilitate your guests Friday or Sunday is also a good option and won’t cause inconvenience to your guests. Similarly, instead of a summer wedding plan an autumn or spring wedding as these are off seasons and will help you stay in budget. It is usually thought that wedding at your home can help you save but reality is quite the opposite. You end up spending more. All the arrangements are done from scratch, designing a stage, floral arrangements; a temp bathroom is made to facilitate guests, parking issue etc. It is better that you chose a wedding venue. A thorough search will lead you to an affordable and a beautiful venue. 5. Source your own vendors There are venues that let you source your own vendors. This will help you keep a better control over the spending. You can customize the catering, décor, staffing and other things according to your budget. You can ask your friends or relatives for trusted vendors. Compare the prices, rates, ideas etc and then select a vendor. 6.Think outside the box Be creative. Ask friends to pitch in ideas. Think outside the box. For instance you may choose a non-traditional venue like some garden, community center or church. Be flexible towards choices to make for the wedding like food, date and time and other details. You may choose a sheet cake rather than ordering a multi-tiered cake which can add hundreds to your budget. you can offer budget friendly comfort food presented in a unique way. 7.  Go digital We reside in a digital world where everything is done over the internet. Benefit from this by going digital. You can have your save the date cards and wedding invitations made in soft copy or if you have the skills, design the card yourself and email them to the guests or send them over Whatsapp. This will also help you save time and you can easily manage RSVPs and the guest list. 8. Always keep some aside for honeymoon fund Don’t forget to keep some money aside for your honeymoon. Sit with your partner and plan your big trip and make memories of lifetime. List down all the exciting experiences you want to go through with your loved one, set some cash for it and enjoy your dreams come true.