Mazel Tov! Celebrating Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Starts with the Perfect Venue

It’s finally happened. After years of studying the Torah, your little one has reached the age of responsibility. Thanks to gentle guidance from you and your synagogue, your son or daughter is now ready to fully join his or her Jewish community.
When celebrating their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you only have one day to get it right. Not just any locale is appropriate for this once-in-a-lifetime coming of age event. Fortunately, once you pick the right Bar or Bat Mitzvah venue the rest will likely fall into place. Below are some considerations when planning a Mitzvah. outdoor venue

Before you Start your Search

You’ll want to come to the table with some decisions already made. This will help refine your search and allow you to move through the process more quickly. First, you’ll want an approximation of the number of guests you plan to invite. Some folks prefer a blowout party with family, friends, coworkers and religious community members. Others feel a more intimate celebration is the most appropriate way to mark the occasion. Next, decide if you want a daytime or evening gathering. Luncheons, cocktail hours and evening parties are all popular choices for bar/bat mitzvahs. It all depends on what you and your family prefer. Maybe you want to make it a weekend long engagement. That’s great, too! You might decide Shabbat dinner and brunch meal make nice end caps to the big celebration. This keeps family from out of town entertained and allows folks who can’t make one of the events multiple opportunities to celebrate. Note that some conservative synagogues don’t allow music or electricity during Shabbat. You’ll want to plan accordingly or host your affair at a full-service event venue.

How Early Should you Start Planning?

Planning for the perfect Mitzvah can be up to three years in the making. Arranging a Torah tutor and coordinating with your synagogue can take some time. However, when it comes to planning the party, staying on top of the details is the most important thing. It all starts with booking your venue. Generally, most event venues recommend booking 6-12 months in advance. Some of this depends on the season, as summer and spring celebrations might have more competition for other gatherings like weddings. For a detailed step-by-step, check out this Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Guide.

Focus on the Meal options

catering meal Many Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations require special dietary considerations. Before booking an event venue, you’ll want to make sure their in-house chefs or caterers have the knowhow to create regular Kosher, Glatt Kosher, Kosher style, Non-Kosher and vegetarian options for your party guests. You might also want to look into Kosher caterers that can specialize in creating “Torah Cakes”. They’re important pieces to complete the candle-lighting portion of the ceremony. Ultimately, getting your venue locked down really sets the celebration in motion. After all, you can’t sending invitations or start booking vendors until you know where to send everyone. Make your Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations stress-free and memorable with full-service event venues like Dallas Palms. We’ll coordinate the details so all you have to do is show up and celebrate! Mazel! To learn more about Dallas Palms, our pricing options and other event details, please schedule an appointment with us by emailing [email protected] or calling 972-416-1416.