Indoor vs. Outdoor Venue: How to Choose

Of all the big decisions you’ll make about your special event, the venue is arguably the most important one. After you decide when you’re celebrating, it’s important to lock down where you’ll create your memories.
Finding an event venue that matches your vision starts with one critical choice: indoors or outdoors? Each comes with a unique set of charms and challenges. We explore some major considerations you’ll want to take under advisement when selecting an indoor or outdoor venue.
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Perks of an Indoor Venue

Many brides, birthday boys and bat mitzvah girls prefer the control and protection of an indoor venue. Inside its four walls is a level of predictability that some consider to be the only safe way to celebrate. The following are among the more compelling reasons to host your event indoors:

  • Weather and Bug Proof- No matter how well you plan, there’s no controlling the weather. While a bit of rain on your wedding day is a sign of fertility in some cultures, it’s still a quick way to kill the party. Indoor event venues keep the elements close, but not close enough to close things down early. They also prevent wildlife pests like bugs or allergens from making guests uncomfortable.
  • Year Round Celebrating- In Dallas, we’re fortunate to have nicer weather much of the year. But as we’ve said before, weather is largely unpredictable, and that’s doubly true in Texas. An indoor event venue allows you to regulate the temperature, ensuring it’s comfortable no matter how blazing or blustery it is outside. In fact, booking during a time when your region is experiencing weather extremes and slow booking seasons is a good way to save big on your venue costs.
  • Customizable Décor- While each venue has its rules and regulations about how and to what degree you’re able to decorate, you typically have a lot of sway. By the time you fill the space with the flower arrangements, table settings and lighting that help your vision come to life, you’ll see the event take on a life of its own that reflects your great taste.
  • Modern Amenities- With all the celebrating that’s about to go down, you and your guests will likely be making a few trips to the restroom throughout the night. Having a bathroom onsite is a modern convenience we take for granted, until there’s not one. Your catering staff or onsite catering team will also appreciate a full kitchen to prep and store food.

Pros of an Outdoor Venue

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Where some see outdoor venues as a bit of a gamble, especially when it comes to weather, others feel being stuck inside robs their special day of ambiance and character. Look around and it’s easy to see why outdoor venues are extremely popular for celebrations of all variety. There are plenty of good reasons to celebrate in the great outdoors, like:

  • Unlimited Seating- No one likes making cuts to their guest list. Setting up outside allows you to seat large numbers of people without competing for extra space. Perfect for sizeable ceremonies and parties of the century. Wide open spaces are also highly versatile, whether you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue or celebrating a quinceanera with hundreds of your closest friends and family members.
  • Naturally Atmospheric- Moving outside allows you to enjoy nature’s decorative splendor without spending much on extra décor. Regardless of what occasion you’re commemorating, flowers are routinely one of the more costly expenditures involved. Choose a lush landscape as your scenic backdrop and you can cross off some of those expensive line items.
  • Outdoor Entertainment- No party is complete without a bit of entertainment. Celebrating in an outdoor event venue opens up the possibility for more unique pastimes like firework displays, sky lantern releases and fun lawn games.
  • Relaxing and unique- Being surrounded by fluffy clouds, sparkling nighttime skies and the sounds of nature creates an instantly relaxing mood among your guests. And, since no two botanical gardens or verdant spaces are the same, celebrating in these environments offers a highly unique setting in which to celebrate.

Still can’t choose between an outdoor and indoor event venue? Get you one that can do both! Each of the grand ballrooms at Dallas Palms are connected to lush garden spaces that allow guests to easily combine outdoor ceremony and indoor reception scenes.
Our full-service event venue staff will take care of details and planning so all you have to do is show up and celebrate!
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